Stonys Kind Kids

Student kindness recognized at Bucyrus Schools board meeting

The Bucyrus City Schools Board of Education recognized students from Bucyrus Elementary School and Bucyrus Secondary School for their kindness during the regular monthly meeting on December 17.

Bucyrus Elementary School students Kayden Zeigler and Azra Berk, along with Bucyrus Secondary School students Brianna Blankenship and Carson Kalb, were honored as Stoney’s Kind Kids for displaying kindness towards their classmates, teachers, staff members and others throughout the school day.

The recognition program, started in honor of the late Chuck Stone, “Stoney”, is designed to not only recognize current Bucyrus students, but it also serves as a way to honor Chuck and the Bucyrus staff members that showed him kindness during his time as a Bucyrus student.

“Stoney’s warm smile and kind presence was experienced by many throughout his life,” his wife Sandy said. “While he was a student in the Bucyrus City Schools, he was shown kindness and grace by countless teachers, coaches, and staff members, and this is our families’ way of honoring those individuals, as well as Chuck.”

Kayden Zeigler, a student in Ms. Schifer’s class was recognized because he is always smiling and willing to help his friends. Kayden consistently has a positive attitude, and is a great rule follower.

Azra Berk, a student in Mrs. Rager’s class at BES was recognized because, as a new addition to the BES family, she has quickly made new friends with her classmates and become an educational leader in the classroom. Azra is always supportive and willing to help others, and her smiles and mannerisms are infectious.

Brianna Blankenship, a 7th grader, was recognized because she brings a positive attitude to school on a daily basis and demonstrates respect to both staff members along with every student in the middle school. She attends school at a high rate and never is a disruption to the learning environment.

Senior Carson Kalb demonstrates kindness daily. At school, BHS Principal Dr. Jaivir Singh has watched Carson greet fellow students in a friendly manner, and he is considerate of others and continually asks Dr. Singh if there is anything he can do to help him, and Carson also helps classmates struggling with assignments. This kindness extends to how he treats his teammates on the bowling team as well, and Carson just has a great knack for making people feel welcome!

“We have great kids in the Bucyrus City Schools,” Superintendent Bob Britton said. “Kayden, Azra, Brianna, and Carson are just a few of the many students displaying kindness towards others every day!”

In addition to being recognized during the meeting, the students were also recognized during the school day in their respective buildings. Every student selected as a Stoney’s Kind Kid received a t-shirt and a $10 Subway gift card.

“Our goal with Stoney’s Kind Kids is to help support a culture of kindness in the district,” Sandy said. “We hope the Bucyrus students, as well as our entire community, know that kindness is cool!”