Please have your child to their classroom between 6:15-6:25, and then have a seat in the auditorium. Please do not arrive early, as teachers will need time to prepare the building before 6:15pm.

We will begin the program promptly at 6:30pm. Students will be picked up from their classroom after the performance.

Students should wear their most colorful school appropriate pajamas, or a Redmen shirt and jeans. Students should wear

shoes that are comfortable to dance and walk in. When picking their performance attire, Please keep in mind school rules as well as the fact that the stage gets hot during performance!

Students will also be asked to bring in a “Cozy Special Friend” (a stuffed animal, baby doll, etc.) that will be used for the performance. This item will need to be clearly marked with the student’s name, and will stay at school between our dress rehearsal and the performance. More information about when to bring this in will be available as we get closer to the program, but please begin discussing this now!

Any questions/concerns can be sent to ewarnke@bucyrusschools.org.