Understanding Ohio's Report Card

Each year, Ohio issues report cards that measure the academic progress of schools and districts. By assigning A-F letter grades to multiple areas, Ohio Report Cards tell the story of how well schools and districts are performing. The Ohio Report Cards also report financial data that measure spending and performance. This includes how much is spent, and how much is directed to classroom instruction.

Achievement: The Achievement grade on Ohio’s report card measures how well students scored on the state achievement tests. This area will measure how many students passed state tests and how well students performed on the tests.

Progress: The Progress grade measures the amount of academic growth students have made during the school year. Progress measures if students are making a year’s worth of progress, or if they are making more or less.

Graduation Rate: This area of the Ohio Report Card reflects the school’s or district’s graduation rate. Graduation Rate includes both the four and five-year graduation rate.

Gap Closing: This grade compares the performance of boys and girls with various incomes, races, ethnicities or disabilities to identify any achievement gaps that exist between groups.

K-3 Literacy: This grade references the Ohio Third Grade Reading Guarantee. K-3 Literacy measures the improvement of students who are reading below grade level in those grade levels.

Prepared for Success: These measures report how well schools and districts are preparing students for college or a career. Data are reported for six categories.  These include how many students earned honors diplomas, college credit or industry credentials before graduation.