Ohio Improvement Process

The Ohio Improvement Process is a way for schools and districts to create a collaborative leadership focus. Through the Ohio Improvement Process, a set of essential practices is identified that need to occur in an aligned and coherent manner across all levels of the school district. This is accomplished through the effective development of team structures at the district, school, and teacher level. The team structures promote shared leadership and collaborative planning for the purpose of helping students be successful.

The OIP has four stages through which district leadership teams, building leadership teams and teacher teams are connected all with the intent of helping improve student achievement. These stages are: 

  1. Use data to identify areas of greatest need
  2. Develop a focused plan with a limited number of goals and strategies targeted at instructional practice and student performance;
  3. Implement and monitor
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement process in changing instructional practice and student performance.

(adapted from the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council website)