Guidance Office

Last Updated: 8/21/2020 2:33 PM


Ms. Nichole Miller
Grades 6-12 Guidance Counselor

Mr. Marty Schuster
Grades 6-12 Dean of Students

Caring About Bucyrus Students (CABS)

The CABS office (Caring About Bucyrus Students) is located in the Secondary Building and is overseen by Beth Constantine.  Mrs. Constantine is a Licensed Social Worker but goes by the title of “Student Advocate.”  The purpose of this office is to offer students and families support. Mrs. Constantine makes appropriate referrals to community resources (medical care, counseling, Children’s Services, Job and Family Services, etc.), listents to students who are feeling frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, or just in need of support, serves on the Wellness Committee, keeps in contact with parents in order to help with problem solving in various situations, and works closely with the Guidance Counselors.