Talented & Gifted Program

Last Updated: 8/20/2019 3:36 PM

The Bucyrus City School District’s focus for students with talents and gifts is to provide critical thinking and enrichment opportunities for identified advanced learners through the use of differentiation practices and specialized instruction.  This instruction is designed to provide a match in pace and complexity of content for gifted students.  Services are based on student need and determined through the assessment process.

Service options include: differentiation, cluster grouping, intervention and inclusion, occasional pull-out, plus individualized supports via the regular classroom.  High school students are served through College Credit Plus (CCP/formally PSEO), Advanced Placement (AP), and Honors classes and Dual Credit.  Acceleration (whole grade or subject) and credit flex opportunities are provided in accordance with the district policy. 

Bucyrus also uses leveling and flexible grouping of students within the classroom.  These systems ensure that differentiated learning opportunities are provided on a regular basis.  In addition, students who are gifted may have the opportunity to compete in friendly regional/national competitions in the areas of spelling.

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Talented & Gifted Frequently Asked Questions

Is my student gifted?

Ohio Revised Code for education states that students are identified as gifted when she/he “performs or shows potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment and who are identified under superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability (mathematics, science, reading, or social studies), creative thinking ability and/or visual or performing arts ability.”


How are students identified as gifted?

The Bucyrus City Schools use several avenues to identify potentially gifted students, which include:

  • Whole grade national standardized testing
  • NWEA (3 times per year in reading/math)
  • Individually-administered assessments
  • Musical Auditions & Performances
  • Visual Arts Display of work/exhibition
  • Mastery/competency checklists

In addition, students may be referred to the gifted coordinator for further testing in several ways:

  • Teacher recommendation
  • Parent/guardian request
  • Self-referral
  • Peer (student) referral
  • Other (psychologist, community members, principal, et cetera.)

Upon receiving referrals (actively sought twice a year), students are screened/assessed at that time within the required window of time.


How are students assessed?

A whole grade level assessment is administered in 2nd and 5th grades, otherwise data is collected for all students from various sources (see the above list).  This ensures equal access for all students regardless of their backgrounds and/or limitations.

Using data from all available sources (not just test results), students are identified as potentiallygifted (using scores lower than what are used to identify students) and additional assessments are conducted.

For specific state approved instruments used and scores required, please view our school district’s identification and service plan.


What if my student comes from a different culture or does not speak English as a primary language?

The process of identifying students through multiple sources has been structured in a manner to ensure that all students are given equal opportunities to showcase their talents.  In addition, approved written instruments are available in other languages at the request of parents.


How will I know if my student was assessed and what their scores are?

Prior to any formal, non-whole-grade testing by the gifted coordinator (typically the result of a referral), permission to test will be gained from the parent or guardian.  In addition, parents/guardians will be notified within 30 days of the results (when received) of any screening.


What if we just transferred from another district?

Students transferring into the district will be screened and/or assessed within 90 days of the transfer at the request of a parent to the building principal or gifted coordinator.  If the student was previously identified, Bucyrus City Schools will accept the scores provided if the assessment instrument is on the approved ODE list and administered by trained personnel within the previous 24 months.  This policy also applies to accepting outside testing.


How do I accelerate my student?

If you believe your child would benefit from whole grade acceleration, please contact the gifted coordinator or your building principal.  Upon receipt of your request, a form will be sent to you and upon its return, we will initiate a meeting involving you, your child’s teachers, the building principal, and the gifted coordinator to articulate a plan to determine if and what acceleration will be implemented.


Once identified/accelerated, will my student always receive gifted services?

Once a student has been identified/accelerated (subject or whole grade), she/he will continue on that pathway unless it is determined not to be beneficial to the student.  Should a student wish to withdraw (or re-enroll within the same year) from (to) a gifted service, the request should be written by the parent or student to the gifted coordinator.  Should a student initiate the request to withdraw, parents/guardians will be notified and the request will go through a committee for a final decision.


How is student growth monitored once they are in the gifted program?

A Written Education Plan (WEP) is annually completed for each student being served specifically to their area(s) of giftedness or if there is a change in his/her service plan.  This plan outlines the service(s) provided, goals for the student, methods for evaluating the stated goals, who is responsible for providing the described service(s), policies regarding any assignments/tests should they be missed while receiving services.  A copy will be placed in the student’s permanent record, given to the parents/guardians, and to all staff responsible for providing the services. If Bucyrus City Schools does not provide service in your child’s identified area, it will be noted in the WEP.


What if I do not agree with how the identification process was followed for my student?

At any point, the parent/guardian may appeal the results of the student for reconsideration.  This could be tied to the identification (screening) procedure, assessment instruments (which result in identification), the scheduling of assessments, placement of students in a program, and/or services received.

Parents should submit a letter to the superintendent or gifted coordinator outlining the concern.  The person contacted will convene a meeting with the parent/guardian, which may include other school personnel. 

The superintendent or gifted coordinator will issue a written final decision within 30 days of appeal.  This written notice will include the reason for the decision(s).  If the parent/guardian requests additional or outside testing, expenses will not be incurred by the Bucyrus City School District.